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How to fix a bad haircut

Bad haircuts happen. It doesn’t matter if you get a bowl cut or a short brushed-back undercut. Here are five steps every man can follow if he wants to know how to fix a bad haircut or fade.

1. Same-Day Fix: “It looks bad, man. Real bad.”

You know when your barber holds up the mirror and asks, “How does it look?” If your cut or fade looks like garbage, tell them.

The bottom line here: your barber made a mistake, so ask them if they can fix it.

I own a shop, so let me confirm this once and for all: Babers like feedback. We like when customers tell us what they want. And the last thing I’d like to happen is a customer who’s not happy with a cut or fade leaving without telling me.

2. Be Cool

Consider how bad the cut is. Be cool. Give the offending barber a second chance.

Stay in the chair and weigh your options.

3. Go to the master

Let’s say you’re happy with your barbershop, and so far, your fades have been clean and consistent. Go to the owner, the man or woman with the most experience, and get their opinion. Your barber may not be the most experienced in the shop.

For example, a taper fade may be your go-to, but the extra hair leaves room for fixes.

The owner owes you. Start with him or her if you want to know how to fix a bad haircut.

4. Fall back on a classic cut

If your barber takes too much hair, go for a buzz. It’s a classic cut that works with almost everyone, and you’re setting yourself up for a new fade—this time with the right barber.

If you take the fade as-is, all you have is time and a hat.

5. Don’t let friends get over on you

Acknowledge that you have a bad haircut. That’s the first step. But that doesn’t mean you should hear about it from friends.

So you’ve been getting the same mid-fade for years. Now you’ve got something funky or classic. When a friend makes a comment about it, say something like, “I’m trying something new, man. Face it. Things have to change.”

That’ll keep them thinking long enough for you to leave the scene.

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