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An Introduction to Fade Haircuts

Here at George’s, fades are by far the most popular style of haircut for men and boys. From elementary schoolers to entrepreneurs, it’s fades, fades. Variations are endless, but to get started all you really need are the essentials.

I’m going to tell you what’s in style here in Fort Worth and the most requested fades in my shop: what they are, how to style them, and how often to come back for maintenance. Because the last thing you want is a raggedy fade.

What is a fade haircut?

“Fade” is a broad term in barbering, but in general you can think of a fade as a haircut focuses on cutting and styling the back and sides and leaves most of the hair on top intact.

In the shop, people use the fade when they want a “seamless” transition between short and long hair at the back and the sides of the head. It’s a modern way of saying “short back and sides.”

Should I choose a fade?

Well…yes. There are lots of articles about face type and fade matching, but the truth is, I can tell you what fade will look good and so can anyone at George’s. The fade effect is striking. Here are two reasons why I think fades are popular:

  • Slimming: Contrast between long hair on top and Men are looking for contrast. creates a high-contrast look where the longer hair further up the head gradually fades down until it disappears entirely. However, the point at which this change in length occurs depends on which type of bald fade you go for.
  • Stylish & Low Maintenance: The fade “looks” low maintenance. It’s not, but the effect is a clean, cultured look that says, “I value my appearance, but I don’t fuss over it.”

Fades need maintenance every two weeks

While fade haircuts look good with pretty much any face shape, the level of maintenance may take some getting used to – especially if you’re transitioning from a longer hairstyle.

Bald fades generally require a trip to the barbershop every 1-2 weeks while longer fades require maintenance every 4-6 weeks. The shorter the fade, the more often you’ll need to go in for a haircut.

Different Types of Fade Haircuts

Fades are in fashion, so naturally it’s gotten complicated.

What is a low fade haircut?

Call it a tapered fade, temple fade, or low fade. What you need to know is that a low fade is the least aggressive and striking class of fade. That’s why it’s referred to as a taper. Barbers start above your ear and follow your hairline down to the top of your neck, right at the point below you ears.

And what is a high fade?

Also known as a high-top fade, you’ll recognize this style by the contrast: 95% of hair is on the top and five percent is the fade.

High-top fades tend to mix with bald fades, so let’s talk about low, mid, and high “bald” fades.

Low Bald Fade

Fade states right above the ear and increases in length until it “fades” into the top.

Mid Bald Fade

The barber starts higher, about 1 ¼” above the ear. Perfect for flattops.

High Bald Fade

Two inches above the ear. The most striking form.

What fade looks best here in Fort Worth?

Well, these are the most common fades I see. Check them out.

Tapered Fade:

A twist on the classic fade that involves a detailed outline of the temple.

Burst Fade:

A fade that starts at the outer edge of the ear and fades gradually to a stop at the lowest point of your neck. ends at the lower neck.

Drop Fade:

This variation is similar to the burst fade, but the fade area is much lower. The defining characteristic of a drop fade is really about accentuating the slope behind the ear. Add it to your typical short back and sides cut for a little flavor.

Flat-Top Fade:

In this fade haircut, the hair at the top of the head is cut into a well-defined box shape.

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George holds a barber’s license from the state of Texas and continues to deliver exceptional cuts and good company for generations of Fort Worth men and their sons.

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