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Should I wash my hair before getting a haircut?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is, “Should I wash my hair before getting a haircut?” The short answer is yes. Let’s get into the specifics.

Wash your hair a day before your appointment.

Instead of washing and conditioning your hair the day of your appointment, go ahead and get your hair clean the night before. Clean hair is easier to section, cut, and style, but you don’t want to show up with a whole lot of frizz and extra volume because that’s not what your hair is going to look like on a day-to-day basis.

Why washing matters to a good barber.

So, why is night-before clean hair good for your cut? Well, every good barber aims for precision.

We want the hair on top cut at the right length, just like we want the fade to taper at the right angle (depending on the type of fade you want). Unwashed hair has too little volume, and just-washed-today hair has too much.

Hair that’s washed the night before sits just right. It’s free of all the dirt, oils, and styling products that get in the way of a good cut, and your barber isn’t working with a perm, either.

When it comes to washing, don’t forget that face.

Wash and exfoliate your face and neck on the day of the cut. Why?

Because for most fades and cuts, your barber’s going to end with an edge-up under the chin, over the ears, and around the neck. Some guys spring for a straight razor shave. Exfoliating your skin is going to open up your pores and remove dead skin cells. It’s going to lift out in-grown hairs so that your shave and edge-up are clean and free from irritation. That’s a pro tip. Don’t forget it.

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So, if you’re asking yourself, “Should I wash my hair before getting a haircut?” Here’s the answer: Wash your hair the night before. Wash and exfoliate your face the morning of. You do that, and you’re going to get a clean cut, edge-up, and shave.

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