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Barber’s Predict: The most popular fades in 2024.

Fades are popular because fades look good and make it easy to look good—no brushes necessary (see bullet points below). What we asked our barbers is pretty simple. What do professional barbers predict will be the most popular fades in 2024?

So, there are five styles here, and every one of them is guaranteed to keep your style set in the twenty-first century. Don’t change because it’s cool. Change because it’s better. Take a look.

Can’t decide on a fade haircut? Take a look at the most popular fades we’ve seen this year. Each fade can be styled differently to suit your face shape, lifestyle, and personality.

#1. Taper Fade

The taper fade is a gradual blend of hair lengths from the top of the head to the sides.

Taper fades can be dressed up or down, making them popular among celebrities. For example, Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth have all rocked taper fades. Maybe they’re cool. Maybe not. Taper fades don’t care.

#2. Low Fade

The low fade starts on the sides of the head and blends into the skin. Some popular ways to style a low fade haircut include a side part, a pompadour, a quiff, or a short buzz cut. Yeah, we’re talking about a comeback here.

#3. Mid Fade

The mid-fade starts at the middle of the sides and the back of the head and blends into the skin; this is an excellent option if you want something more subtle than a high fade but less natural than a low fade.

Mid fades sit just in the middle of the most popular fades in 2024. If you’re a betting man, bet on a mid.

#4. Drop Fade

The drop fade starts at the temples and drops down to the sideburns, creating a sharp and defined look. It can be paired with a variety of different hairstyles, including buzz cuts, pompadours, and quiffs.

5. Burst Fade

The burst fade starts at the temples and radiates outward. You can go with a buzz cut on top with a high burst fade for a bold and edgy look. Or, you can keep the top of your hair longer and style it into a pompadour, quiff, or undercut.

Number five? Sure. If you’re living a burst fade kind of life, then you’re living with one of the most popular fades in 2024. No worries.

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