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Should I dye my hair before or after a haircut?

Here’s a question I get from many folks who come into George The Classic Barber: Should I dye my hair before or after a haircut?

Here’s the answer: In most cases, you should dye your hair after you get a haircut. There are three reasons why that’s the case.

  1. Better color that lasts longer
  2. Consistent color base
  3. Healthier hair

A fresh haircut brings out the color in the dye.

When you get a haircut, you remove split ends. The healthier ends can then take color more easily than untrimmed hair.

The result is that when you dye your hair, it will be a more even, vibrant color, and the dye job will also last longer.

Consistent cuts make for consistent color.

Hair doesn’t grow evenly across the scalp. If you’re young, it’s difficult to notice. The older you get, the easier you can see it.

If you get a haircut before you dye, tell your barber, and they’ll make sure your hair is cut to even length and depth—basically preparing your hair for the salon. That’s more important than it sounds. Uneven hair leads to uneven dye distribution. It looks patchy. Not good.

Cut it before you dye. It’s healthier for your hair.

As I mentioned above, when you get a haircut, you trim off split ends and other damage. There’s another reason why, besides making the dye work better, that’s a good thing: it keeps your hair healthy.

When you put dye on split ends, your hair weakens and becomes more likely to break. So get rid of damaged hair, then apply your new color.

Should I dye my hair at home or a salon?

We don’t dye hair at George the Classic Barber, but we know some of the best spots in town. But man, that’s expensive. Just get a cut, look up some YouTube videos, and take your time. Also, we’re not a salon, but if you ask your barber for advice, you’ll get the right answer.

If you dye at home, you can start by following the two-shades rule.

Take a minute to think about your look.

If you’re making your hair darker, the general rule is not to go more than two shades darker than your natural color. And if you’re lightening your hair, don’t go more than one shade lighter.

If you dye at home, follow the two-shades rule.

Or just be you. Go bleach blonde? Green? Why not?

You know why I’m saying this? Well, if you ask me, “Should I dye my hair before a haircut?” Well, I have an answer. One thing I don’t have is your style. So be you. Be bold, man.

Protect that skin.

Moisturizing cream or even lip balm will do the trick. Either way, you’ll want to have a barrier between your hairline and hair before you dye unless you want to be scrubbing that forehead for a while.

Buy a good conditioner. We have some recommendations. It’s not too expensive, and it’ll keep your hair looking good and healthy. (Don’t wash your hair every night, though.)

One last time — cut before, dye after.

You asked: “Should I dye my hair before or after a haircut.” I answered: after. That about does it.

It’s the only way to keep your new color lively for longer while maintaining healthy hair. Schedule a cut today, and I’ll see you in the chair.

– George, The Classic Barber

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George Burrola, aka “George The Classic Barber,” is widely considered to be among the finest barbers in Fort Worth, earning a reputation over his 20-year career as a master of fades, straight razor shaves, and innovative skin care techniques.

George holds a barber’s license from the state of Texas and continues to deliver exceptional cuts and good company for generations of Fort Worth men and their sons.

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